Sweet Talks With Rashmi Kumar

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Sweet Talks With Rashmi Kumar

A fiercely independent girl who metamorphosed into a loving mother, from a success professional to a much-loved writer, her transition is going to inspire you. Her free-spirited nature comes across beautifully in the characters she weaves. Her portrayal of the modern woman is going to make you fall in love with the character. Hope you have read ‘Hooked, Lined & Single’.

A celebrated journalist with many established newspapers & magazines, a part-time radio jockey, a voice over artist & a volunteer with an NGO for the mentally distressed and suicidal, she knows how to enjoy the thing called LIFE. While we can go on & on talking about her, let’s just introduce you to this supremely talented & amazing lady right here at ‘ Sweet Talks With Rashmi Kumar’ 

1. Tell us a little about yourself. We will love to know you more Rashmi! 

 Personally: I am in a period of transition, I think I have changed a lot after becoming a mother and a wife. In fact, I am changing every moment. So right now there are two Rashmis ahead of me–the girl that was and the girl–that is. Essentially wild and free spirited, there was a time when I traveled to any place I set my mind on. But today, I find joys in my blooming back yard doing amateur gardening with my two-year-old son. I was also a very sensitive person but over a period of time, I have learnt to deal with that side of me. I don’t react quickly these days and am definitely less emotional and have used my sensitivity to understand others better and not just focus on myself.

I think, I have also become someone who finds happiness in little things as opposed to my previous self for whom late night parties and lots of adulation was the only way forward. Not, that I didn’t enjoy that life… I still miss it but, I am more grounded about what I desire now. Professionally: Before moving to Canada three years ago I was a journalist and worked with many established newspapers and magazines in India. My last job was with Deccan Herald as Features Editor. Other than journalism I also dabbled as a part-time Radio Jockey with 102.6 Rainbow FM and worked as a voice over artist for several ad films. And other than partying very hard over the weekends, I devoted my Saturdays as a volunteer with an NGO for the mentally distressed and suicidal.

2. Describe yourself in one line.

Chiseling into a magnificent sculpture!

3. What are the most important accomplishments in your life/career?

 Accepting my vices and knowing that “you could be wrong too” is my biggest accomplishment in life’s university. Setting my professional life on this understanding is my biggest career achievement.

4. What motivates you to chase your dream?

People and their lives. One can easily give up in the face of a challenge but when I look at people and the way they have risen above their circumstances can be so motivating. Sometimes even ordinary people have extraordinary lives to tell. And besides that, I am a dreamer. If my dreams die, I die!

5. How has been your journey so far?

 I used to think I was strong, smart and could take on the world or anyone whenever I wanted to. But, how wrong was I! Till India–the country of my origin, life was on a roller coaster. I thought nothing could ever go wrong. I had everything in my control. Then life changed. I got married and moved to Canada and that’s where my real struggles began. The little challenges I went through in India were nothing in comparison to what I went through here. After moving to Canada in 2012 I had to unlearn a lot many things–doing your own work with your hands, being totally dependent on my husband, having to be at home 24/7 looking after my son, or even adapting to the new culture and people! Moving cross continents to settle down is easy when: You have a job waiting for you (professionally), when you move out as a student or when you have never really had a career or too many dreams to forego.

In my case, I was well established when I left India and the idea of staying at home without a career and only a husband to depend on was stifling me mentally. I actually went through a phase where I thought I was going completely crazy! So you see there really was no motivation. As a new immigrant in Canada, life has be pretty isolated and tough. But, I think, by nature I am a fighter. I didn’t give up. Just when I got my work visa and looked forward to working again, I discovered that I was pregnant. I decided then, that was it. I HAD to fight out this feeling of isolation, loneliness, home sickness and loss of identity. That’s when I decided to complete my pending second book. I used to write so much when I was pregnant… Even after acute bouts of morning sickness. Because. I told myself that if I don’t gather myself now, I will be lost forever.

6. Share your experiences & insights with our readers

My biggest life learning has been that no true change occurs without a sense of brokenness. Things, people, situations, life… has to break before it acquires a new form again. And true forgiveness and acceptance with love is really the only way forward. Rest everything falls in place on its own!

7. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Man proposes, God disposes. But well, that shouldn’t stop us from making plans! In five years–although it’s a long way of in the current scheme of things–I imagine myself in shape with a perfect figure, ready to wear what I like… Especially since my clothing has become a bit frumpy from being a stay-at-home-mother. I would be trotting across India and Canada to launch my latest book. I would have saved some money to afford a massive holiday. Built my own dream house. Start an NGO in India. And pursue all my old and left out hobbies as if this were my only chance to fulfill them. If given a chance,

8. What’s one change that you would like to see in this world & why?

 That we all start cherishing life’s little joys because before we know it life will reach its end soon. Also, I wish, people can forgive easily because those who do not forgive, ferment bitterness in their hearts and one case of bitterness creates a ripple effect in the entire world!


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