Sweet Talks With Sonnal Pardiwala

Sweet Talks With Sonnal Pardiwala

An author, Reiki Grand Master and An Internationally Certified Card Reader by Doreen Virtue, a wonderful wife & amazing mother to two bright kids. We take immense pleasure to introduce to you a woman extraordinaire, Sonnal Pardiwala.

Enjoy Sweet Talks With Sonnal Pardiwala

1. Tell us a little about yourself. We will love to know you more!

I turn 41 this June. I am happily married to Nozzer Pardiwala and a mom to two bright kids Shahen (14) and Shahaan(10)

I am an M.A. in PSYCHOLOGY. I am a Reiki Grand Master and An Internationally Certified Card Reader by Doreen Virtue.

We have developed an online class module for CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE AND ESSENTIAL OILS. These classes allow learners individual pace and audio visual classes to learn and practice the Healing Module.

We, also offer online card readings

We decided to Homeschool our two kids as we feel learning has to be interest oriented with an emphasis on exploration and not exams

As a blogger I have written on a range of topics including Spirituality, Homeschooling and lately on a tele series which has been converted into a book.

2. Describe yourself in one line.
I question everything and love to find an unusual way to do it.
3.What motivates you to chase your dream?

I started out as a Counsellor to pre-primary children in Bombay Cambridge School Andheri and was rated as the Best Counsellor.

As stated earlier, we have successfully come up with an audio visual online class module to teach about crystal healings and essential oils, which is unique to Indian setting.

My blogs on Homeschooling have been widely referred by anyone looking up the option. Recently Cafe Dissensus featured one of the blogs on Home schooling in India which was received well.

Another series of Blogs on Tele series Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap was converted into a Coffee table Book which was avidly loved by fans and was sold world over. The book has applied to Limca Book of Records and is considered for the record of being the first FanFic of India, inspired by a Tele Series.

My Husband motivates me to chase my Dream. I simply am a Dreamer and outline what I would love to do. He hears it and brings his genius of researching and asking and finding a way. Right from making an online class Module to turning the Blogs into book to creating a system of sale and promotional outlets…all is executed by him. So I dream and he manifests.

4. How has been your journey so far?

The journey Continues…I feel that I am living in a non-stop series of projects handed down to me by some higher forces and one leads to another. Each experience enriches and adds a new lesson and dimension to my life. So we may run a coaching class for paying bills we are exposed to so many roles and dreams that we as a family co create. I do feel I am lucky to have so much genius in the form of a magician husband and supportive bright promising kids and equally lovely students who join our journey as friends. I love wherever it is life is taking me.

5. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

I plan only for next six months beyond that my vision does not go. I do wish that I keep learning new and exciting things. My sons go on to find a lovely path that gives them satisfaction and excitement and maybe little bit of fame. I do wish they go on to establish that unconventional methods also yield fruitful existence.

6. If given a chance, what’s one change that you would like to see in this world & why?

I feel each one of us is given a small piece of world. Instead of asking whose responsibility it is and blaming the others like authority to government to system…if we were to take responsibility for ourselves and changed what we can…world would be lot more progressive and peaceful.

The June 2015 Femina magazine issue has featured us as a homeschooling family.

Sweet Talks With Sonnal PardiwalaSweet Talks With Sonnal Pardiwala


You can connect with Sonnal at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Her Blog.


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