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Take Charge Start A New Life

Take Charge Start A New Life

Take Charge to start a new life is an anecdote from my personal life, how I took charge of my life that made a huge difference. It’s never too late to start anew. Instead of always following the popular perception, sometimes it pays to follow your instinct.

What do I want to do with my life? Should I be what this world wants me to be? Do the choices others make for me is the right choice? What if I am not happy with what I am trying to become? What DO I WANT?

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These questions must have crossed your mind at one point or the other in your life. These are life-defining moments when you either give in to the pressure or perception or you break free what think is right for you. You shall face the wrath, rejections, anger, frustration but once you achieve what strive to, the efforts worth every bit of it!

Take Charge - Start A New Life

Take Charge of your decisions

After passing 12th with Sci-Bio, I was busy preparing for PMT (premedical test). My family wanted me to be a doctor, so were my teachers, coaching sir, friends, neighbors. Hence, I, too, wanted to be a doctor. I had brought the form & done all the formalities.

Just a week before I saw an ad in the newspaper from a Fashion Designing Institute that was opening up a branch in Jaipur. Something inside me said to give it a try.  I knew I wouldn’t get selected as I never ever thought about becoming a designer ever, nor anyone wanted me to be one.

Still, I cut the newspaper info & went to the institute without any preparation. I took my academic certificates thinking that they might be needed. They called me the next day for a group discussion & an interview. I took it just for experience & see what the world looked like beyond PMT & PET.

As destiny has it, I was shortlisted for the interview. It raised a hope in me that I had talent beyond being a nerd. I was creative, I could think & create! It was a bit of a surprise for me to explore this side of my personality. I never knew it even existed.

Luckily. I was selected in the interview as well. Hearing the news I was happy as well as confused. I didn’t know what to do? Just a few days ago I was preparing to be a doctor & suddenly my life has drifted in a totally different direction.

Take Charge of Your Actions

I knew my parents wouldn’t be too happy to know that their daughter no longer wants to be a well respected professional. They wove my entire future based on my career choice. My career, my marriage & my future, everything was connected with my choice of career. But I had to tell them!

I informed my mother first who eventually told my father as I never had the courage to shatter his dreams. He was angry  & disappointed & was questioning the credibility of this profession. For the next two years, he never spoke to me about my life & career. Even the communication between us was limited to occasional pleasantries. No one supported my decision. Still, I could afford to see them angry rather than disappointed in me.

I joined the designing institute. For the first time I was holding a pencil & not drawing a diagram, but creating something out of my imagination. It gave me creative satisfaction. Although the odds were against me, I knew someday I will make them proud & I did.

Take Charge of your Life

Today, my family, especially my father is so happy to see my progress. He even recommends alternate options to his friends & acquaintances. I am so pleased to hear from him that ” Doctor & Engineer are not the only professions. Let your child do what he/she is good at. They will succeed in the field, they choose themselves rather than the one we select for them “.

Sometimes you have to take charge of your destiny. Believe in your gut feeling, take the path that’s doesn’t seem easy. You have to take ‘Risk’. And give it your 100 %. It might not be the best option but it is undoubtedly the best for you.

” I faced clashes & confusion, anger & rejection yet I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was just following my instinct. It felt good. I was happily cutting fabric pieces & making sketches than cutting body parts & studying medical reports.

For me, my heart & soul lies in the creative world that has an endless scope. I wanted to travel & soak in the beauty around me as much as I can, I wanted to CREATE! For once I tried to be what I wanted to be rather than what others wanted me to be! “

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