Baby sleep plays a major role in her/his development. Just like food, sleep is an integral part of a baby’s health. Usually, the new parents have difficulty in understanding the sleeping pattern of the baby. 

Uptil 6 months, the newborns do not develop a sleeping pattern. They sleep in REM ( Rapid eye movement) sleep. The stage is important for the development but it results in lighter and disrupted sleep.

The sleep interval and timing vary to a great extent. The naps are usually short. It is quite exhausting and stressful for the new mothers. They go like ” How do we make our baby sleep for longer?”

Although there aren’t any fixed formula that can be applied to all the babies. Still, there are certain tips and techniques to improve baby sleep that can really help the stressed-out mothers.

every baby is different, so is their sleeping routine.

Why Is Baby Sleep important?

New mothers seek advice from elders, peers, and experts. They have thousands of questions like…

  • “Why doesn’t the baby sleep for longer hours?”
  • “Is it safe to co-sleep?”
  • “How to reduce newborns night waking?”
  • “What is the ideal baby sleep routine?”
  • “How to set up a sleep routine for the baby?”

These and many more! First of all, we must note that baby sleep is extremely important and crucial in baby’s development. Since this stage is crucial in physiological and mental development, sleep helps to relax the body and mind. A good sleep aid in better memory, body movements, energy for various activities.

A sleep-deprived baby will show signs of irritation, lower appetite, disrupted routine and slower development. She might fall behind on the growth curve and later might have developmental issues. Studies have shown that the babies who have a proper sleeping routine tend to be more active and show better growth than those who do not get a proper sleep.


Did you know that  babies take longer to enter in deep sleep than adults?

Problems Related To Baby Sleep

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether the baby is having trouble sleeping or is it a sleep disorder? More often than not, the baby sleep is interrupted or affected by external factors. Some of the common factors that affect the baby sleep are as under;

  • Environment– It plays a significant role. You must ensure that you provide a noise-free, calm and soothing environment for the baby. Noisy areas, strong lights, odor and high level of activity prevent a sound sleep.
  • Overfeeding or Underfeeding– Babies need to be fed on a regular interval. But sometimes the parents go overboard. They overfeed or underfeed the baby. It could cause discomfort. This should also be noted that babies who breastfeed need frequent feeding as mother’s milk is easily digested.
  • Uncomfortable clothing and bedding– if the baby is not wearing comfortable clothes, ill-fitted clothes or not dressed according to the weather, she might not be able to sleep.

Night waking is not a problem. In fact, it has developmental benefits

3 Steps technique To ensure quality baby sleep

Babies just don’t sleep by themselves. They need to be prepared to sleep. While some babies go to sleep instantly, others need little more efforts by parents. As we already know babies have a shorter sleep cycle than adults. They enter deep sleep rather gradually.Some of the techniques mentioned below can help the baby to have a sound sleep.

Set up a bedtime routine– In one of the yearly events conducted by Johnson’s baby, the mom bloggers from around the Asian continent had an opportunity to talk with experts. According to Mr. Robert Kwon, Johnson’s scientist, a good sleep improve the overall health of the baby. He shared many insights on the sleep routine, its importance and scientific facts related to the subject.  He emphasized on setting a proper routine and follow it religiously. It will not only make the baby to comfortable but also allow the moms to plan their time accordingly.

Step 1- Set up a cozy warm baby bath

Check the water temperature, it should neither be cold nor too hot for the baby skin. Arrange for all the things required for the bath. You should use baby products with natural ingredients something like  Aveeno baby daily bathtime solutions which is mild, fragrance-free and paraben free.

Step 2- A Relaxing Massage

After the bath, pet the baby dry and massage. Use a natural fragrant baby oil. Keep the movements gentle and upward. You can also read the benefits of baby massage.

Step 3- Baby and Mom Time

After the bath and massage, it’s bonding time. Babies love mother’s warm embrace. It soothes them. Use this time to bond with your baby.

Ask us anything about Baby Sleep

The above-mentioned technique has proven to be highly effective in inducing sound sleep. However, you must know that your child is unique. Her habits, behavior, and routine will be unique. You must work around it.

Let us know how do you like the article? We hope it helps to improve your baby’s routine and provide you useful information.  If you have any question related to baby sleep, leave it in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the answers from the experts. 🙂

Do share your comment, suggestions, opinion, and experience with us. Let’s make parenting more fun. Happy parenting!


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