Tips to be more expressive in a relationship

Do you find it challenging to be expressive in a relationship? Do you brood and suffer from your feelings all alone?  Many relationships fail due to a lack of expression and communication.

Although expressing yourself in a relationship is not so easy, the aftermath can be extremely rewarding. You deserve love & happiness in your life. Expressing your feelings to your partner is the key to building a stable relationship.

One must be expressive about keeping the window of communication open. It magically adds romance & stability to your relationship.

Tips to be more expressive in a relationship

It’s apparent that you would want a more satisfying, emotionally safe, and intimate relationship with your loved one. Impatience & relationship anxiety harm a person physically, mentally & psychologically.  Listed below are some practical tips to be more expressive and share your feelings with your partner.

1. Ignore the fear of rejection

We often fail to express because of the fear of rejection. Be it a new relationship or one that has seen many ups & downs. At times, the fear of rejection keeps the relationship from flourishing.

The first step to becoming more expressive in a relationship is to let go of the fear of rejection.

You should go ahead and express yourself without being afraid of the outcome or response. You should also expect your partner to be more understanding and empathic to your feelings.


2. Be honest

Cheating and dishonesty are sure shot deal breakers. Most of the relationships fall apart when one of the partners is caught lying or straying. There are many telltale signs of a cheating partner or a dishonest partner.

Telling the truth and being honest is very important in every relationship. Many believe that a successful marriage is based on honesty & mutual love.

The same stands true for all connections.  Lies to your partner only covers the problems temporarily.

Being honest and telling the truth improves communication with your partner and makes you both feel close as a couple.


Be clear & precise

3} Explain what you want

There is no harm in being direct. It is essential that your partner understands your needs and how certain things impact you.

Beating around the bush only creates more room for confusion. One of the best ways to be more expressive in a relationship is to explain what you want to your partner.

Explaining your needs helps your partner get to know you better.

Avoid guessing games & leaving clues. It would only add to friction & frustration. Be precise & clear in what do you want.

All are not equipped with the sensors to read your mind or your body language. Explaining put you & your partner at ease.


Importance of a meaningful conversation

4} Have an open discussion

It is annoying when the other person has to hear single word responses like “No” or “Yup” in a chat. In a relationship,

you must stop using one-worded answers. Every relation requires constant work & efforts from both ends. No matter how new or old it is, the importance of communication cannot be overruled. 

It is essential to have an open conversation to increase the mode of expression in a relationship. Therefore, keep the conversation casual, fun & exciting. Ask about your partner’s day, what they would like for the weekend? 

5} Avoid criticism

No two people are the same. Each has a different way to communicate or express their feelings.

If a form of expression does not align with your nature, it is common to criticize the person.

However, this is the biggest enemy in a relationship. Criticism hurts the feelings of your partner and creates a fear to express.

Try avoiding criticism and accept your partner’s behavior according to the situation. The goal should be to prevent argument & initiate discussion. It can very well be achieved by staying away from harsh words & criticism. 


Being Expressive in a relationship works


Relationships take a lot of hard work to stabilize. There is no such thing called the perfect relationship, but being more expressive can make your relationship fulfilling.

It is important to note that open communication and the correct form of expression help you have a solid and stable relationship.

Although, being expressive and open to a relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rather many find it quite daunting to express the feelings. However, the right attitude, determination, and practice help you set it right.

If you have been facing problems of communicating in your relationship, then the tips as mentioned earlier will surely help you out. After all, relations are about leading a life with another person. Just give it a try.


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