Together lets fly- Valentine Special

Together lets fly” I’ve fallen in love many times….. always with you.”

Its such an exciting idea to have super power even if its just for a day. If I ever had such powers I would use it to make valentine’s the most special day for him . Going places that we always wanted to go together, do thing we couldn’t plan up till now . As I posses the super powers I would simply hold his hand & we would be transported to the most romantic places in this world .

Start of a splendid day ….

Together lets fly

Our day will start early .I would want him to get up in the picturesque town of Cinque Terra in The Italian Rivera . With the morning as beautiful & picturesque as this , it is bound to set the mood for the rest of the day :) .

As the day progresses …

Together lets fly

We are both nature lovely & water babies . I know he is going to love the exotic scuba diving & experience the amazing aqua world at Haidikidi , Greece. 

A meal with Love …

Together lets fly ” The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach “

I will cook a hearty meal for him with all his favorite dishes . He is a big foodie . The smile on his face  after a sumptuous meal is worth a zillion dollars :)

Together lets fly

The meal won’t be complete without lip smacking ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ made by me . ( some things doesn’t change :) )

We Are Adventure Lovers …

Together lets fly- Valentine Special

From the heart of the ocean to the vast stretches of blue sky , we will experience the thrills of nature together . Shouting our lungs out & gliding with the wind over the mighty green mountains .

Just You & Me …

Together lets fly“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.”- Anonymous 

As  the sun sets in the horizon ,we will enjoy a quite time on a secluded beach at Phuket,  Thailand . Talking away the evening , reliving all our beautiful memories , just him & me without a care in the world .

Time to renew our vows !!

Together lets fly

” After such an eventful day I would like to take him to a place that is not easily accessible to us normally , The Space . This is the best place to confess my feeling for him , to show how much he means to me , how special I feel when he smiles at me , The reassuring smile he always has when ever I look up to him in the time of tension & worries , his simple act of holding hands & walking with me without caring for the destination. The life has been such a wonderful journey with him that words are not enough to describe my feelings for him . I would simply take his hands in mine & say ‘ I love you from the day we got together. May this togetherness be blessed till eternity .” 


Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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