Top 10 Dumbest Questions ever !!



People ask a silly question often . Are you too a victim of such volley of terribly dumb questions ? Here is My list of top 10 Dumbest Questions ever .Enjoy !

Disclaimer :-This is a work of Reality . Characters , Places & incidents are products of the Author’s [ that’s Poor ME ] real life experiences .Resemblance to actual events or locales or persons , living or going on living , is entirely intentional .

1. What are you doing here , Mall/ Market/ Hospital/ park etc. Etc. ?

My polite answer :– nothing , just some work.

Mind Screams …………………..

  • Why ?? Am I extradited ?!
  • Is it by invitation only !!
  • Thinking of buying this property . How is  it anyway.



2. Do you recognize me ?!@

My polite answers :– Well ../ ah../ yes of course…/ sorry ..i don’t

Mind Screams …………………..

  • How can i ? Especially after your plastic surgery ? You got one , right ?
  • No it’s my first encounter with an alien !! :D
  • I have  a short term memory syndrome .SORRY :/



3. Are you asleep ? [ Always around midnight ]

My polite answers :– No no i don’t sleep so early [ ehh] .Say

Mind Screams ………………….

  • It’s midnight you fool . Normal people sleep at this time.
  • Just Measuring my bed & pillow
  • It is Midnight at my place ,what time is it at yours ??!!


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4. When are you getting married ??!

My polite answers :– Soon/ Hunt is on/ lets see

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Why ? Is your husband available ? Is he divorcing you ? Ha-ha
  • Proposed Salman Khan. Just waiting for his ‘YES”
  • I have attained salvation . Worldly ties don’t interest me anymore.




5. She is your daughter ? How cute .

My polite answers :– Ya :)

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Daughter ? who ? No one is with me  . You are hallucinating .
  • Shh…i just kidnapped this girl. Big money ticket.
  • No , its my mom. I shrank her with my latest gadget



6.Is that a pimple on your face?

My polite answers :– I have such a bad skin :(

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Its my latest tattoo. Do you wanna get one yourself
  • Its a live volcano waiting to erupt. Run for your life.
  • Oh no , my magic potion is reacting . I am gonna turn into a hulk soon . Bu-ho-ho.


7. Did it hurt ? [ After a terrible fall / slip/knock down :| ]

My polite answers :– No , i am alright/ its fine

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Hell no, it was fun .Lets do it again baby !!
  • Are you crazy ? I am ‘Iron woman’
  • Do it yourself .You would know .



8. You are crying . Are you ok?

My polite answers :– No , i am alright/ its fine

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Its fountain of youth. Save some droplets for yourself.
  • Leakage problem in tear tank
  • Its a damn good calorie burner. Try it !!



9. So you like dancing ?  [ In a dance class ]

My polite answers :– Yes , i like it

Mind Screams ………………….

  • Its my punishment . To shake my a#$ while you eat up my brains
  • No , i was sleep walking . How did i get in here ?
  • There a bomb in the building . I came here to inform these poor people!!


Now the “BAAP’ of all questions.

10. Congrats , you got married . Is that your husband ?!

My polite answers :– Yes  :)

Mind Screams ………………….

  • No , ” He ‘ is my cousin sister who has undergone sex change .
  • He is my neighbor’s husband . I borrowed him for a day .
  • He is the matrix version . The real one is at home watching soccer.


This is my tale of torture .  I am sure you must have been subjected to similar pain :D . Do share your own experiences , silliest , dumbest , stupidest questions ever asked to you !!  Keep Sharing :)



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