Travel In Style TRIS: The Journey Begins introduced you to the exciting new Travel online market Travel In Style-Tris. The journey has begun with some awesome activities running in the Soul of South Korea, Seoul. As mentioned in the introduction post, this online travel start-up has geared up to give the first-hand experience of its exciting activities to locals and foreign travelers.

What made me come on board with Travel in Style TRIS?

Mr. Jongtae & I had an excellent discussion of the company’s unique offerings. I was touched to see how diligently they have planned the project to suit every traveler’s need. The approach is personal and compassionate with immaculate professional precision.

Today, travelers do not look for the usual ‘Things to do” or ‘places to visit’ kinda experience. They wish to make each trip as unique and fun as possible. I, being a constant traveler, love to explore new avenues and off-the-grid adventures. That’s when TRIS comes in. It takes you to the places that’s you won’t find on popular listings yet worth a visit. You can go around the site with a travel mate and relish the local delicacies in cozy settings.

Unlike the majority of travel services and agencies, TRIS is far more personalized and involved with the customer.

You are travelling solo or in a group, every activity is carefully planned to suit your Budget, personality, preferences and travel plan.

You will not be subjected to monotonous tours and sightseeing. Instead, they will create moments that you will love and cherish forever.

5 Reasons why to TRIS ( TRAVEL IN STYLE)?

5 Reasons Why you should give it a try!

1. Professional services: From the travel planner to travel mate and travel photographer, you have the professional planners and executers at every stage. You can rest assured that your Journey is going to be one sweet memory!

2. Distinctive Activities: A lot of thought has been put into finalizing the TRIS activities. It has universal appeal and is suitable for all age groups.

3. Personal touch: They not only personalize the trip for you but also make sure to involve locals and people with similar interest to come on board. The result is a vibrant and friendly atmosphere for all.

4. Giving a boost to lesser-known establishments: As mentioned earlier, TRIS is committed to taking you to lesser-known but worthy places, enjoy a homestay with homemade local cuisine and shop with a local. It will bring the locals and traveler closer, giving the lesser-known places and establishment a boost.

5. Right around the corner: One of the most unique and useful features is that TRIS sources and suggests things in and around your location( eateries, shopping, Salons, and other services with reviews) You no longer have to search for anything because everything is right around the corner!


Are you excited to know more about Travel in style TRIS?

They have come up with a series of short videos to give you a glimpse of the super fun things you can do with TRIS. The videos have been shot at the real locations with locals and foreigners giving you an overview of what’s in stores for you.

Watch the videos here at TRIS OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL

 Request for a proposal of your trip from TRIS

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