We Are Born Sexist

We Are Born Sexist


Sexism is so deep rooted in our mindset that we unconsciously practice it every single day. We are born sexist!!!

1. Pink for girl

blue for boy

2. Kitchen set for the girl

gun for the boy

3. Don’t sit like boys, close ur legs
Don’t cry like a girl. You are tough

4. Learn n help momma in the kitchen. One day you need to take care of ur house
Study hard, score well. One day you have to support your family.

5. Don’t go out late at the light. You are a girl.
Why don’t you go out? You are a boy.

6. Grow ur hair long. You look boyish
Cut ur hair. U look like a girl

7. One day you will go to YOUR house.
One day this house will be yours. After all, you are our son.

8. Learn to listen & adjust. You gonna be a daughter in law one day.
Don’t be so lame. Learn to command. You gonna be a man.

9. You first job is to look after your home &kids. A career should not be your first priority.
Concentrate on your work. The family can be taken care of.

10. How do you feel when you have to leave your kids at home to go to work?

your failure is your family failure. Work work n work. Forget the rest.

11. You have to change as soon as you get married.
Don’t change after your marriage. You are a man

12. Family, kids, work, relatives, neighbors, ……at last YOU.
Work, family….deserves Me time friends outings after 5 days of hard work

13. Get up work, office work, come back home, throw ur bag, WORK.
Get up get ready, office work, come back home, put ur legs up, you are dead tired after a hard day.

14. You earn, but you gotta be a good homemaker too.
Earn good. That suffice.

15. You can’t complain. You chose to work.
You earn. You deserve the best.

And we say this society is orthodox. WE ARE THE SOCIETY. WE DISCRIMINATE. PERIOD!!!

Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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  1. Hi .. i m first time here .. on a lighter note .. i don’t know if it’s deliberate or not but you have used Pink color writing for Girls and Blue for the Boys. Yes we are Sexist by Nature .. we all are. Its time to change :)


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