Who is a bad girl ?

sweet sharing acclaimWho is a bad girl ?

This strip has been doing rounds on social media since last few days . Initially I ignored it thinking it is just another master piece of some MCP but as the picture started encroaching my timeline ( shared & re shared by many FB friends ) I finally took notice of it . What a brilliant piece I must say .   Apart from his 12 vivid descriptions of a bad girl , he forget many other pointers . Let me help this retard with it .

1. A bad girl is the one who “ has breasts ” . The butthead creator doesn’t know that every female organism ( Read mammals ) has mammary glands to feed the babies . He forgot that girls also has a VAGINA & that’s not a bad thing .Its just another body part .

2. A bad girl not only falls love in “Parak ‘ :D ( desperately need hindi lessons ) but anywhere home , school , college , Mall, Multiplex , just about anywhere. Love is a feeling not a ‘ churmura vendor ‘ who is just allowed in the “PARAK”

3. A bad girl watches Pornography . Whats wrong in that Actually girls do watch pornography while their boyfriends , husbands or partners are busy falling in love with another bad girl in the “PARAK”.

4. A bad girl FARTS . Yup . Common you moron , its natural . Only thing is not as publicly or loudly as men :D

5. A bad girl goes to Goa . You sound like a frog in a well. She can go to Bangkok. Los Vegas , Miami, Bora bora island , Paris anywhere in the world she wishes to . Watch ‘Queen’ you stupid & improve your geography knowledge . Goa is not the ONLY place to have fun .

6. A bad girl not only rides motor bike but Airplanes , Fighter jets , Ships , submarines  as well . You would die reading this :D .

7. A bad girl eats as much as she wants . Too much or too less is bloody none of your business. It could be due to some health issue . But you f$%%ing won’t understand .

8. A  bad girl walks out with her hair open . To this I absolutely have no idea why it made to the ‘Bad’ list . May be because it gives another excuse to spineless lechers to comment / tease/ molest girls . What a sadist attitude !

9. A bad girl ‘Leeches at other boys” . I know its wrong . After all the whole leeching /salivating / drooling business is copyright of ‘ Asli mard log “.

10. A bad girl can’t make ‘Gol Rotis’ .  Get your self a roti maker Mister ! Girls are not born to make Gol Rotis . Period !

11. A bad girl smokes & drinks so do bad boys , men , Chacha , Tau, Bapu, Bhai , Uncle etc etc . Have you ever seen a bad girl rolling on the street or  falling in the sewerage. I bet you must have seen enough bad boys ‘fultu tight’ .

12. A bad girl pouts , blow kisses , take selfies , groupies . Oh dear Ellen DeGeneres , you qualifies to be a bad girl :P .

Surprisingly all your bad girls are in saree ( not chota chota kapda ). I get it they are Indian Traditional Bad Girls ( what ever that means :D ) . Apart from smoking & drinking , which is bad for any individual , if all the above mentioned qualities makes me ‘A Bad Girl ‘ then I am proud to be called a bad girl . ( I don’t know how to ride a bike . Now will definitely learn it . After all I want to be A Bad Bad Girl ;)  ) .




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