Windy Hill Geoje


Windy Hill Geoje

After my recent trip to Mundong Waterfall, we were craving for more natural outing. So we decided upon Windy Hill this time around. Its a small peninsula with beautiful windmill, spectacular water & cliff to complete the picture. Geoje is abundant in natural beauty. There are many places to visit. Although, so far we have covered only few. I will keep you posted about my future travels right here :).

There is a regular bus service from Gohyeon Bus terminal. But the frequency is low. You will have to wait at least for 45 minutes to an hour for a bus . You can also hire a taxi that will cost around W 40, 000. We opted for bus as there was a pick up point right outside my colony. The public transport in South Korea is quite efficient. You can travel anywhere on Geoje island by bus. A single journey to any part will cost you only W 1200 per person.

Windy Hill Geoje

Sinseondae, is an amazing point where you could spend a good half & hour. As soon as you reach a gas station  at  the coastal highway of Nambu-myeon, you will see this point on your right. You will have to take the stairs to reach the point. At the end it is steep & rocky. If you are travelling with the kids, it is better to stay till the wooden stairs, as there are chances that kids might trip & get hurt. But if you are travelling with only adults, you MUST go up til the end point. It looks so amazing from there. ( Try it only if are not scared of the height & don’t have water phobia ;) )

Windy Hill Geoje

From Sinseondae, Windy Hill is another 10 minutes walk. You will have to park the vehicle on the road side & walk from there.

Windy Hill Geoje

You can talk along a a baby pram but at the end point there are stairs. You will have to carry the baby & the pram. Its better if you take along a baby sling. For elderly people, it is rather inconvenient. You can’t take wheel chair up to that point.

Windy Hill Geoje

Once you reach the point, the view will take your breath away. It is like a piece of paradise. Clear water & beautiful cliff ads to the overall charm.

Windy Hill Geoje


I couldn’t help but click the windmill from every possible angel. I felt like I was a part of this nature’s painting :).

Windy Hill Geoje


The best part is the place has preserved the natural beauty without tempering with it much. What I liked most about Tourists places in Geoje, is that you will hardly find any hawkers, guides or commercial activities close to the spot. You can admire the beauty of place without being interrupted by anyone or anything.

Windy Hill Geoje

Look at the view. Do I need to say more !

Windy Hill Geoje

I could sit & gaze at it for hours…

Windy Hill Geoje

The clear sky & water are in perfect harmony.

Windy Hill Geoje

You can cover these places in around 1 1/2 hours. There are small cafes & eateries in case you wanna try some local delicacies. It is,however, advisable to carry your own food.

Here are few more pictures from Windy Hill. Hope you enjoyed the picture tour as much.

Windy Hill Geoje

My Daughter found an adorable company. Happy & posing :)

Windy Hill Geoje

Fun moments with my son :)

Windy Hill Geoje

Wanna turn into a painting. The surrounding is spectacular !

Windy Hill Geoje

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below. I promise to come back with an answer :). Happy Travelling !

( P.S :- You can get a bus from Gohyeon bus terminal No. 55 & 56. The frequency is less. So plan accordingly. Chao ! )

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  1. Hi,
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