Whenever you hear the words women and martial arts together, there is something quite attractive about that combination. The fitness world is always coming up with new classes and exercises to help us get that dream body we all desire about.

But one sport that sometimes doesn’t cross our minds all the time in martial arts. Maybe it’s because we automatically think it’s more of a man’s sport because we assume it’s violent, and women shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing.

Well, actually martial art has become more popular after Ronda Rousey appeared on our screens. The increase in women taking up the sport just keeps rising, and this can only be because of the great benefits it provides.


Benefits of Martial Arts For Women

Martial Arts is a great form of exercise and can tone up the body. There are many other benefits than just fitness and all women should take advantage of it.

I have taken up Martial arts as a form of fitness & am very proud of my decision. Today, I am a Black Belt Holder in Taekwando. It has also inspired my kids to take up the art & excel in it. We practice it together & its absolutely fun family time!



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The most popular reason why women learn martial arts is the benefit of knowing how to defend themselves. As a woman, being on the streets at night is something we shouldn’t be afraid of, and learning martial arts will help us overcome that fear and make us feel safe. The different types of martial arts for fitness or self-defense can be found at a place near you.

However, specific forms like Wing Chun teaches you a technique that can take on opponents twice the size of you and are stronger than you. When you learn self-defense, you become fearless, you gain confidence and that is an attractive quality to have for a woman.



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You will learn to position yourself in fighting stances which can improve your balance and posture. Having a good posture can give us a better digestive system and help our organs to function properly.

A woman with good posture shows confidence and adds height to your appearance whilst looking more graceful and elegant. As we age it can also help reduce tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.


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It is normal for us to stress in our everyday lives however we should not let it take over everything. Practicing martial arts can help reduce stress levels and drop the tension way down.

Control of breath plays an important role in this art, and you will learn how to connect the mind with the soul and body. When breathing correctly the enzymes that are released during training can boost your mood and improve your attitude.

A more relaxing form of martial arts like Tai Chi will have more graceful movements that can take you to your Zen element. The less stressed you are, the happier you will be and this will be infectious to the people around you.


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As the weight drops off and the muscles feel more toned you will also notice your skin will become tighter and firmer. Combining martial arts with the right diet in place can help to get rid of cellulite.  

High-intensity cardio techniques like Taekwondo can increase muscle tone and strength. Also, watch your flexibility improve over time as the more martial arts you do the more stretching is required. Being flexible will improve your fighting, increase your speed and coordination and reduce the risk of injuries.



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Besides all the physical benefits, martial arts can teach you a lot of valuable life lessons that can then be transferred into everyday life. Having more positive energy in life and everything you do will only create and spread happiness around you. There are so many martial arts to try and every woman should all feel strong, confident and beautiful.


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The benefit of Martial arts for women is numerous. It makes you more confident, strong, proactive & assertive. You feel self-sufficient & self-reliant. From my personal experience, I would like to recommend Martial arts for women at any age & stage. It’s never too late to start!

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  1. Garima Ji you have written a very important post, once i tried to create the consciousness among girls to learn martial art, i tried it keeping in mind the increasing violence towards women so that the girls can protect themselves. you have written other benefits also.
    its really very nice to read such post.


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