Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

Simple & Effective Yoga During PregnancySource

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful experiences in a women’s life. But undeniably, a woman goes through innumerable changes, both psychological and physical, which can sometimes be extremely stressful. Here are few yoga poses which can be performed during pregnancy, just to make your pregnancy a little easier. Along with regular exercises like walking, light cardio, these poses will further help you to maintain your physical health.Yoga during pregnancy not only helps your body to prepare for the childbirth but also calm your mind to keep you stress-free.

However, it’s extremely important to consult an instructor if you want to continue yoga practice throughout your pregnancy. You will find it easier to practice poses during the first trimester, but as the body grows and hormonal changes kick in, you might face difficulties in maintaining balance during the second and third trimester. Please exercise  caution – avoid deeper forward/backward bends, staying in one pose for too long or lying flat on the back for longer than few minutes. Wherever necessary, please use props like blocks,blankets and pillows for maximum comfort. If you are a yoga practitioner and have expertise in practicing inversions, you can continue to do so. Inversions during pregnancy are not recommended for yoginis who are new to it.

Yoga during pregnancy is one of the best ways to keep you body active & stress-free. If practiced with caution, it could also ease the childbirth process.

Breathing and Meditation

Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

Anxiety and stress aren’t uncommon during pregnancy. Deep breathing and meditation, with relaxing music playing at the backdrop, can work magic to lower your stress levels. It is important to calm the nerves as that could also impact digestion and immunity of the body.


Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

The center of gravity shifts as the body of the pregnant woman slowly grows. Vrksasana is a balancing yoga pose that helps women to find the proper balance with changing center of gravity. Further, it helps in alleviating hip pain, increasing stamina and strengthening muscles. Hold on to a chair if initially you face difficulties while standing on one leg.


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Virabhadrasana I Warrior Pose I

Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

This pose gives a nice stretch to back, abdomen, and thighs. Engage your core and stretch your arms over your head. You can also clasp your hands at the back and stretch.


Virabhadrasana II Warrior Pose II

Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

Warrior Pose II is a hip opener, helping in increasing the flexibility of tight hips. It also helps in improving balance, eases a backache and sciatica, and strengthens joints.


Marjariasana and Bitilasana (Cat/Cow Pose)

Simple & Effective Yoga During Pregnancy

Even on normal days, cat/cow poses are extremely relaxing, providing relief from a backache. The gentle up and down motion of the spine, along with rhythmic breathing, warms up and comforts the back muscles. An extended version of Cat/Cow is Sun bird pose, which, in addition, helps in improving the balance of the body.


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A relaxing pose to end your yoga practice. Don’t forget to breathe and relax all your muscles. Please be mindful of the time you spent in this pose.

Other Yoga poses that can be practiced along with these are – baddhakonasana, Malasana, Anjaneyasana, Virasana and Utkatakonasana

Please consult a doctor if you suffer from heart trouble, knee, wrist, back or shoulder injury.


( The Guest Post & images are provided by Rajlaxmi Boruah. She is a pro yoga practitioner. Watch out for this space for yoga tips.)

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  1. Hi from Create on G+!
    My attention was caught by this post, fantastic read for anyone, pregnant or not. I’m sure I wouldn’t have recovered as quickly from labour if I had not practised yoga and worked out regularly during my pregnancies!

    • I completely agree with your views, Azlin. Yoga plays a very vital part in our overall health. I have been practicing Yoga for almost 7 years now. I have been a regular even during both my pregnancies. It not only helped me to have hassle free normal birth but also recover fast. Glad you shared your experience :)


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